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Pet parrot care tips

Pet parrot care tips

Do you know how to care pet parrot?
Parrot is the most attracted bird in the world. Parrots have many colors so the people all the people like and buy for their houses, offices and any other place to become attractive and beautiful.
There are many tips and steps of care of parrots. All the people do not know the steps of care parrots. So our site is the best for how to parrot care.
Here are some steps of care of pet parrot. If you are happy and agree to see our steps of care parrot you must comments.

1. Buy a chick. Birdcases vary in size but you want to be big. Based on the type of bird, you want to invest in different types. Make sure the bird can not escape obstacles and there will be enough room for its wings to spread and fly.

2. Think around it.
Keep the cage in a safe place and keep it away from any cats. Over time, your birds feel more secure around any other pets, so do not leave them, avoid any potential dangers feared by the bird.

3. About once a week you must clean the cages
You want to sterilize in the cage - but do not use bleach. Punch boiling hot water and disinfect in food and water bowl.

uyjuj4. Keep it healthy and give healthy balanced diet.
Give your bird meal appropriate for those specific species. Many pet shops sell different bird meals for many different species.

5. Buy a little friend and entertain.
A small friend to keep that company. This is particularly useful if the owners do not have a home on a daily basis for a long time.

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