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Cat Food india

Cat Food 

Do you know what the foods for cats are?
The cats are mostly used houses and any other places. The cats are pet’s animal so the people also like and pets in their houses. Cats are honest animal. The foods of cats are very different than any other animal.

Here are some foods for cat.

1.  Dry foods

Dry foods are usually made by external cooking under high heat and pressure. Then the food can be sprayed on the food to make the flavors, and other small ingredients, such as heat-sensitive vitamins, which will be destroyed in the process of extracting, can be added. Dry food is usually packed in multi-wall paper bags, sometimes with plastic film levels; Similar bag styles are also used with film laminates or coxtransens

2.  Wet foods

In the United States, prepared or wet food (75-78% of humidity) usually comes in aluminum or steel cans in 3 oz (85 grams), 5.5 oz (156 grams), and 13 oz (369 grams) in size. It is also sold in foil pouch form.

3.  Vegetarian or vegan foods

Despite cats exterior carvings, there are vegetarian and vegan cat food available. Vegetarian cats should be strong with nutrients such as taurine and arakidonic acid that cats cannot synthesize from plant materials. Some vegetarian cat food brands in the USA are labeled by their producers as meeting AFC's Cat Food Nutrition profile.

4.  Law protein

Low protein diet with consumers is not more popular than protein diet. Low protein diets are often associated with furry care formulations and other proposed remedial diets.

5.  Raw foods

Raw food cats are provided with waste ingredients. Most diets will have animal based ingredients however fruits, vegetables and supplements are often added. Commercial raw food is mainly sold in three forms: fresh, frozen and freeze-dry. Frozen and freeze-dried foods need to be done and repetitive before following. Many available commercial foods, AFCO, are certified to meet cat nutrient requirements. Some diets are designed for all life phases or they may also be adult AAFCO certified for adult maintenance or growth and fertilization / milk production. Many people feed their cats to raw food, who believe that they hunt wild cats, they mimic the prey food. The firm believes that such a diet can bring many health benefits, such as: Shanier coat, cleaner teeth and various gastrointestinal illnesses (with diarrhea and constipation being the most common), improved immune system as well as increased energy and reduction in body odor odor, however There is no scientific evidence to prove these claims.

Commercial raw food can pass high-pressure pasturization (HPP), a process that kills bacteria and pathogens, including high water pressure including salmonella. This technology is approved by the USDA and allows raw food to be wasted in order to greatly improve its safety and shelf-life. However, many commercial raw pet foods are remembered every year due to various bacterial contamination, which means that raw food comes in danger.

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